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Canada - Military

Books of Rememberance

Contain the names of Canadians who fought in wars and died either during or after them.

Canada's Military Heritage
The War Amps website, with links to chronologies, history, photos and other resources.

Canadian Military Links
The largest site of links for Canadian military information I have found.

Hugh Peden - Miltary Info & History WW1
Recollections of his Grandfather - William Peden - including his training and preparation for World War I with the 8th Battalion Royal Winnipeg Rifles, his Arrival in France in which he describes the First Battle Battle of Ypres where he survived the first German gas attack of the war, and a Post War Retrospective . As well, recollections and many humorous stories of life and times in Scotland in the late 1890's and in Canada at the turn of the century.

Olive Tree Genealogy
Choose from the following indexes of Canadian Military Information French-Indian Wars 1754-1763, American Revolution 1777-1783, War of 1812 Rebellion of 1837, Fenian Raids 1857, Red River Rebellion 1870-1877, Nile Expedition 1884-1885, NorthWest Rebellion 1884-1885, South African (Boer) War 1899-1902, WW 1 1914-1918.

Soldiers of the First World War
Over 600,000 Canadians enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the First World War (1914-1918). The CEF database is an index to those personnel files.

Veterans Affairs
This site is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of Canadian veterans and providing information about those whose lives have been touched by the conflicts of the past and those who desire to learn more about the sacrifices that helped build Canada

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