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Cemeteries & Funeral Homes

Cemetaries and Cemetary Records

Interment.net is a publisher of cemetery records and materials relating to cemeteries. Visitors use our resources to help them locate burials of their family and friends, trace their family history, and learn something about cemeteries in general.

Cemetery Junction
This site is about helping the genealogy community find information about their ancestors. Cemeteries are an excellent source for genealogy, and are especially prone to surprises! United States Cemeteries - First published in January 1999 and now has 32,695 listings. Canadian Cemeteries - First published in June 2001 with 2,101 listings. Australian Cemeteries - First published in April 2000 and now has 476 listings. U.S. Obituary Citations - First published in August 2000 now has 147,079 listings. U.S. Obituary Sources - First published in November 1998 and now has 589 links. Family Cemeteries - First published in February 2000 and now has 21,785 listings.

Headstone Hunter
An online matchmaking service for headstone hunters. Using the Internet, we put people together with a common interest: those that are in need of headstone inscription data, and those that are willing to do the looking. It's that simple, and it's free.

Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried. The Political Graveyard is a web site about U.S. political history and cemeteries. The listings on this web site are incomplete; development of the database is a continually ongoing project.

Saving Graves
Formed to educate and assist in the worldwide networking of people interested in protecting, restoring and preserving our historic cemeteries. Inforation on saving graveyards that have fallen prey to development, lack of maintenance, vandalism or private owners who deny public access.

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