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Famous People

Biographies of the Rich and (In)Famous

Wonderful biographies of a wide range of characters.

Descents of US Presidents and Others
Genealogies of :United States Presidents, Wives of United States Presidents, Notable British Persons,Famous/Infamous German Persons and Hollywood Personalities. Chapter 20. United States Generals

Descents of US Presidents and Others
If we accept the US Presidents as a test case, and assume that the number that have traceable Royal Descents is only a fraction of the number that have actual Royal Descents, then it is likely that everybody in the Western world today descends from Charlemagne.

Genealogies of Famous People
Links to the genealogies and mailing lists and newsgroups.

Genealogies of the Famous & Ficticious
Genealogy information about famous people: Madeleine Albright, Roald Amundsen, Royal Descents of Jane Austen et al, Francis Bacon, Lucille Ball, Bogart, Anne Boleyn, Daniel Boone, Donald Duck, Bronte, Buffalo Bill, Chopin, Winston Churchill, James Fennimore, Cooper, Davy Crockett, Chris De Burgh, Al Gore, Alex Haley's alleged ancestry, The Hobbit, Jesse James, Jack Kerouac, Genghis Khan, Yaphet Kotto - Royalty, Robert E. Lee, Madonna, Karl Marx, Tom Mix, Montezuma, George Patton ,Pocahontas, Colin Powell, Princess Di, Elvis, Franz Schubert, Sequoya, Mark Twain, Tchaikovsky, Prince William of Wales, Wright Brothers, Wodehouse and Zhirinovsky.

Genealogy of the Presidents of the USA
Genealogy of all the presidents of the USA. Click on a link to see the complete genealogy.

Royal Descents of Famous People
Descents of famous people in history.

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