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Mennonite Connections on the WWW

A catalogue of Mennonite and Amish resources on the Internet ...all on a single page for ease of searching.

Mennonite Cross-Index
We continue to add more specialized cross-indexes (with access to related HomePages, Resource Guide Listings and maps) to help speed your search. Over time we expect to continue to improve this master index in additional ways.

Mennonite Genealogical Resources
Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society. The society is pleased to make these web resources available to you.

Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania
The Historical Library and Archives are the repository of more than 12,000 books, manuscripts and documents vital to church history and genealogical study.

O.M.I.I. Genealogical Project
Information on a major Mennonite & Amish genealogy project that has data on over 1.3 million people among the 50+ databases. There is overlap between the databases so there is not an exact count of unique individuals within the databases.

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