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Viruses, Scams & Hoaxes

"Black Irish" Myth

At no time in the essay do i claim to know the origin of the term "Black Irish". this essay is about what the "Black Irish" are -NOT-, ie, the Black Irish are NOT of spanish descent from Armada survivors, and the reasons why the Black Irish are not of spanish descent from Armada survivors.

Association of Professional Genealogists
The APG was registered on February 5, 1979, in the state of Utah, as a nonprofit corporation, to become a professional body capable of focusing the efforts of the professional genealogists worldwide. APG is an independent organization whose principal purpose is to support professional genealogists in all phases of their work: from the amateur genealogist wishing to turn knowledge and skill into a vocation, to the experienced professional seeking to exchange ideas with colleagues and to upgrade the profession as a whole. The association also seeks to protect the interest of those engaging in the services of the professional.

Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) system in the U.S. extends over 98% of the nation; coast-to-coast, and in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. It also has a partner BBB system that serves much of Canada. In total, 145 BBBs help nearly 24 million consumers and businesses each year. Since the founding of the first BBB in 1912, the BBB system has proven that the majority of marketplace problems can be solved fairly through the use of voluntary self-regulation and consumer education.

Caveat Emptor
"Name Histories" and "Family Crests" Recently, in a preliminary discussion of electronic scam artists selling "Name Histories" and "Family Crests" online, we quoted from the Eastman Genealogical Newsletter. Good article to read.

College of Arms
Those who believe that the services of the College of Arms may be of use to them should send their enquiries to the officer in waiting, or to a particular officer of arms if he is known to the enquirer. The officer will then be able to assess what work might be carried out on their behalf and give a quotation for the fee payable. It is particularly requested that large amounts of genealogical data should not be forwarded at this stage.

False and Faked Mayflower Genealogy
Over the past two centuries, many people have--either deliberately or because of poor research--published accounts of Mayflower ancestry that are completely false. Here is a collection of the most commonly known false and faked Mayflower lines. This list is based on a series of articles appearing in the Mayflower Descendant, volume 20, 21, 23, 34 titled "False and Faked Mayflower Lines"; the Mayflower Descendant article in volume 43 entitled "A Mayflower Hoax Resurfaces"; published articles in the Mayflower Descendant, The American Genealogist, the New England Historic and Genealogical Register, Mayflower Families and Mayflower Families in Progress series of books, and their own experiences answering visitor questions.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
The best source on the Internet for security information is the FBI.

Federal Trade Commission
The purpose of the FOIA is to give the public access to existing government records. It does not require an agency to create records, conduct investigations, or develop information to answer questions. The FTC's policy is to provide anyone who requests information with as much material as we can find that is responsive to the request.

Genealogical Scams
SCAMS and some interesting claims being made by Professionals This page is to alert people to Genealogical Scams and how to avoid them.

Genealogical Web Site Watchdog
As a public service to the genealogical community, Ancestor DetectiveŽ will list Web sites which provide misleading or inaccurate genealogical information.

Genealogy Frauds
Professional genealogists and serious researchers alike, have been aware of the forgeries and frauds committed by GUSTAVE ANJOU (1863-1942) and we of this Society believe this material should be brought to the attention of all who may come in contact with any the publications listed below.

Internet Security
Many Internet users are concerned about scams and security on the Internet. It seems that unscrupulous people are coming out of the woodwork to victimize Internet users. In fact, court records from successful prosecutions show that many of the perpetrators of Internet fraud schemes are the same people who have been running scams by mail and phone for years. The rules for protecting yourself are simple, and they apply equally to the Internet, the telephone, the mail, and door-to-door salesmen.

National Fraud Info Center
Online services and access to the Internet provide consumers with a wide world of information, and sellers with a new way to promote their products or services. "Cybershopping," "banking online," and other conveniences will spur an increasing number of consumers to do business by computer. But crooks also recognize the potential of cyberspace. The same scams that have been conducted by mail or phone can now be found on the Internet, and new technologies are resulting in new ways to commit crimes against consumers.

National Genealogical Society Consumer Protection
The National Genealogical Society is a service organization that leads and educates the national genealogical community. Continues to assist members in tracing family histories since being founded in 1903. Serves over 17,000 members including individuals, families, genealogical societies, family associations, libraries, and other related institutions.

Virus and Hoax Confirmation Resources
Having received tons of e-mail messages of Frauds, Legends, Myths, Scams, Special Offers, Viruses, and Warnings over the years has compelled this webmaster to add yet another page to my 1000+ page site!

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