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Native American

Aaron's Story Book

A Native American Legend Retold by Aaron Shepard

Cherokee Indian Nation
A listing of all the Cherokee resources they could find by searching the Web. Links to databases, resources and information.

Chickasaw Indian Genealogy
A listing of all the Chickasaw resources they could find by searching the Web for you. Chickasaw. An important Muskhogean tribe, closely related to the Choctaw in language and customs, although the two tribes were mutually hostile.

Choctaw Genealogy
This site has an excellent overview of the history of the Choctaw nation. The Choctaws were one of the largest and most advanced tribes in all of North America. Yet, with all of their knowledge they left few if any written records.

Choctaw History & Links
Links to many history and cultural links about the Choctaw nation.

Choctaw Indian Genealogy
Choctaw (possibly a corruption of the Spanish chcdu, 'flat' or 'flattened,' alluding to the custom of these Indians of flattening the head). An important tribe of the Muskhogean stock, formerly occupying middle and south Mississippi, their territory extending, in their most flourishing days, for some distance east of Tombigbee River, probably as far as Dallas County, Ga. Ethnically they belong to the Choctaw branch of the Muskhogean family, which included the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Hunt and their allies, and some small tribes which formerly lived along Yazoo River.

First Nations Site Index
Links to information to many historical and tribal sites.

Johnco First Nations Directory
First Nation Information Project

Micmac History
A project to link 240 compact tribal histories (contact to 1900).

Mi'kmaq Resource Centre
Links to information and resources, included links to census records.

Native American Links
From here you can find links to a variety of information and records, most of which are for the Native American researcher. They include: archives, libraries, census, biographies, cemeteries, church, court, directories, gazetteers, land, property, treaties, maps, military, citizenship, newspaper, periodical, probate, surname, taxation, vital, legends, stories and Federally Recognized Tribes.

Native American Resources
Links to many Native American resources.

Native Web
Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World.

North West Wigwam Board
They will be constantly cleaning their wigwam, especially in the next few months, so be sure to visit on a monthly basis to see what's new around the fire.

The Metis Man
You will find this site is dedicated to Metis, Cree, Dene,Aboriginal Law, and Legal Education Issues Only.

Treaty of 1752 in Halifax court
Micmacs maintain the Treaty of 1752 is still valid and protects their right to fish and sell the catch. But Crown attorney Michael Pare's case maintains that treaty was superceded by treaties in 1760 and 1761.

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