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Censuses for Norway

Searching the 1865, 1875 and 1900 Censuses for Norway

Danish Archives
Census Records - Offers the possibility to search directly in the database for individuals from a certain district or year.

Danish Emigration Archives
The Danish Emigration Archives in Aalborg, Denmark, was established in 1932 to record the history of those Danes who emigrated and to nurture cultural bonds among people throughout the world, who have their roots in Denmark.

Danish Surname Database
The (Danish) Surname Database is based on the mormons International Genealogical Index and consists of aproximately 1.200 "special" sunames.

Doddi's Genealogy Web
Welcome to the genealogy web of Tordur Arnason. Here is some information about me and my clan.

Emigration From Norway
100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway

Family History Finland
Our aim is to help the Family Historian with their Finnish ancestry and to network the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Finnish-Americans with their serkuksia (cousins) in Finland.

Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies
Links to the different societies and databases. In Swedish.

Finland Gen Web
Links to websites and information on Finland

Finnish Family History Research
This guide is based on their experience using the records from the Kannus, Kaustinen, Isokyrö, and Veteli parishes in Vaasan Lääni, Finland.

Gateway to Iceland
Lots of links to Information on Iceland.

Genealogy Resource Index for Denmark
The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive entry point to Danish related genealogy on the Internet.

Icelandic Gen Web
Not in English, but excellent reference site if you read the language.

Icelandic Genealogy Society
The Icelandic Genealogy Society, working to increase general interest in genealogy, genealogical research and the publication of primary references and other material for researchers.

Imigration from Iceland to America
Tools and links to do Icelandic genealogy, including dictionary, census records and database.

Institute of Migration
Institute of Migration was founded in 1974, and has its headquarters in Turku. The tasks of the Institute of Migration include promoting the collection, storage and documentation of research material relating to international and internal migration including immigrants and refugees.

Medieval Scandinavia
A website about history and genealogy. Principally, you can expect to find information about the history of Norway, but also a bit of history that has general interest throughout all of Scandinavia, Europe and North America.

National Archives of Norway
Indexes and digital archives for Norway.

NedGen Norway Genealogy Search Engine
Internet's genealogy search engine ... Trace your roots in Norway by entering the surnames you're looking for.

Norway Family
Welcome to Norway Roots. Loads of links to help you with your Norwegian Genealogy.

Norwegian Farm Names
Index to Norwegian farm names.

SASS Electronic Resources
Electronic Resources for the Scandinavian Scholar

The Centre for Local History
The Centre for Local History is also building up a historic database with computerized parish records which is used in several research projects at the univeristy.

The Genealogical Society of Finland
Promotes genealogical and biographical research.

The National Archives
Riksarkivet) is one of the oldest public agencies in Sweden, its history leading back to the Middle Ages.

The Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian Page
Searching for Ancestors in Norway, Sweden or the Us, or for your emigrated family.

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