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These are links to types of references available worldwide.

Britannica Online

Encyclopedia - The boldness of recent publishing initiatives combined with Britannica's long tradition of excellence continue to shape the company’s vision for the digital age. Nineteen ninety-seven saw the creation of the Britannica Internet Guide, a directory of the Web’s best sites chosen by Britannica editors for their quality and usefulness. In 1999 the company released the first version of the Britannica.com Web site in one of the most publicized product launches in Internet history.

The Internet's premiere free encyclopedia, provides users with more than 57,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Each article is enhanced with links to newspaper and magazine articles as well as pictures and maps - all provided by eLibrary

The Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
(SIRIS) is an interactive, integrated system applying established national standards to manage, describe, and provide access to research resources held primarily by the Institution's libraries, archives, and research units in support of the Institution's mission. SIRIS supports the Smithsonian research community by providing a gateway to and from other Institution information resources and to external information resources.

University of Minnesota Libraries
Genealogy Resources Available at the University of Minnesota Libraries While there is no collection or staff specifically dedicated to genealogy in the University Libraries, the approximately 5 million volumes, a nationally-acclaimed map library, several thousand newspapers, and well over a million government documents constitute a rich resource for genealogists. However, genealogists often come to Wilson Library with unrealistic expectations of what they will find and go away disappointed and frustrated.

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