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About Scotland - Art with Impact

THEGALLERYis more than pictures and portraits, encompassing as it does, the historical context of castles ranging from gaunt ruins to beautiful palaces, and their connections to the clans who owned, beseiged or captured them. Those clans who still share a pride in the origins of the names that link Scots wordwide. The gallery also has scenes of village life, city streets, great architecture and nostalgic portraits. Charcoal and ink are the ideal sensitive mediums to recreate the massiveness of the stone buildings and the tantalizingly evocative atmosphere of our Scottish heritage.

Clans & Tartans of Scotland
Here you will find information on the main Scottish clans: details of clan tartans, crests, and clan homelands & histories.

Dalraida Celtic Heritage Trust
This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Celtic Cultures within the British Isles, focusing mainly on Alba and Erin.

General Register Office Scotland
The General Register Office for Scotland is the department of the devolved Scottish Administration responsible for the registration of births, marriages, deaths, divorces and adoptions in Scotland, and for carrying out periodic censuses of Scotland's population.

Genuki Scotland
Links and resources for genealogy in Scotland.

Highland Clearances
This website will tell some of the stories from the Highland Clearances, their aftermath and consequences. There is no shortage of literature on the subject but most of it concentrates on the what and the why. This site is more concerned with the who.

Internet Guide to Scotland
Largely based on the author's personal travels, this 80,000-word guide contains details on transport, sightseeing, activities and accommodation throughout Scotland with particular emphasis on the Highlands and Islands.

National Archives of Scotland
NAS has one of the most varied collection of archives in the British isles. It is the main archive for sources of the history of Scotland as a separate kingdom, her role in the British isles and the links between Scotland and many other countries over the centuries. The NAS holds records spanning the 12th to the 21st centuries, touching on virtually every aspect of Scottish life.

Research in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland
Bill Lawson has been specialising in the Family and Social History in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland for over forty years, and is widely recognised as an authority in the area.

Ron Mackinnon's Scottish Bookmarks
Scottish bookmarks.

Scot Roots
Scot Roots is an ancestor exploration service for people who want to both find and understand their family roots in Scotland. Search for your ancestors in the original Scottish records Provide large scale maps to locate the family home Visit the parish to photograph your ancestor's places Offer information on old occupations and parish lists Free enquiry and guaranteed results

Scotland Genealogy
This is collection of resources designed to assist those wishing to trace their Scottish Ancestry.

Scot's At War
This is a Scottish Military History Web Project, concentrating on the 20th Century. These pages are respectfully dedicated as a tribute to the endeavours of all Scots who served their country in the armed and civilian services in the 20th century.

Scots Resources
Links to Scottish genealogy sites.

Scottish Family Research
If your Ancestral Roots are in Scotland and you can provide Birth or Marriage or Death details of an Ancestor in Scotland we can research your Family Tree from the many Genealogical Sources in Scotland

Scottish Heritage
Reference material to clans, septs and heritage.

Scotweb - the best of Scotland
Scottish information, goods and services.

The Aberdeen & North-East Scotland F.H.S.
The Society exists to assist and promote the study of genealogy and family history based on the North East corner of Scotland. This area covers the old counties of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Morayshire.

The Capital Scot
Web site provides information to 'Scots and Scots at heart living and working in Washington'. Great links to Scottish Genealogy.

William Wallace - The Truth
Do you want to know about William Wallace? Then look no further, these pages will not only inform you of the truth but also give you some surprises.

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